Frequently asked question


What if we need more for a special occasions or for preserving?

We will announce if there is an over zealous crop and take orders.  We also have an online store where you can purchase extra items and have it delivered with your share.  Follow this link.   You can also purchase items at 10% off at any of our farmers markets. 

How much is in one share?

This has always been a very difficult question to answer.   Early in the season the shares usually prove to be smaller due to the fact that there just isn't that much fruit and produce ripe on the farm during those weeks.  As we enter into the true summer harvest season, the shares may fill the bags.  A vegetarian family who rarely eats out may need more than that of a "weekend gourmet."   Additional shares may be added at anytime during the season at a prorated amount.  At any rate, our CSA shares will make a great compliment to your weekly menus. 

Do you take credit cards?

We are accepting credit cards for payment of your CSA Share.  You can pay online when you signup.  You may also find us on location at a market or other drop-site and pay with your card directly using the Square network.  

Do you offer full shares and half shares?

We offer both full and half shares, depending on the delivery site.  Full shares are delivered weekly (18 weeks) and are offered at every delivery site. Half shares (9 weeks) are a full amount delivered on alternate weeks (2nd week, 4th week, etc.) and are offered at all sites.  

How long is your season?

Our season runs 18 weeks, the week of June 10 through the week of October 13, 2018.   The CSA week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.  Full share members receive 18 deliveries and Half share members receive 9 deliveries.

Can I pick which items I receive?

Sorry, no.  Sun Gold Farm is a working farm. We grow everything in its season and pick it at its best. The share is a balanced mix of what the farm has available in the field on that particular week.  Our members tell us they love getting surprised each week, and they enjoy trying things they wouldn't otherwise have tried. 

How do I pick up my Harvest Share?

Specific instructions will be sent for each delivery site before the season starts as well as always being available on your Farmigo account. 

What happens if we are out of town on distribution day?

We suggest you have a friend/relative/neighbor pick up your share. We cannot give refunds because we've planted months earlier. We can on occasion change drop off points for you.  Just login to your Farmigo account to change pickup sites. 

How much does it cost to become a CSA Harvest Share member?

The price for the 2019 harvest season is $499.50 ($27.75/week) for a full share, and $290.25 ($32.25) for a half share. Thanksgiving shares will cost $44.  When you sign up through Farmigo we offer installment plans.

What if I can no longer receive a Harvest Box?

The harvest box program is prepaid early in the season so that we can better prepare for the harvest. Each person is counted on to take the share of the harvest for which they've paid. No refunds can be given because your share is already planted, being weeded, watered and cared for until it is ready for you. 

How do I signup for the Thanksgiving Share?

If you are a current CSA Harvest Share member login to your Farmigo account to add and pay for the Thanksgiving Share. Please note that if your pickup site does not have the Thanksgiving Share as an option, you will not be able to sign up until you change your pickup site to one that does.  We can help you with this.  Send us an email or ask us anytime.  

For new members just follow the signup links to get your Thanksgiving Share. 

How do I know what I will be receiving in my harvest share week-to-week?

You will receive news about each week's CSA share a day or so prior to delivery via email.   These newsletters will contain news of what's happening on the farm that week and a list of what produce you'll receive that week. 


How do I get my newsletter?

Newsletters are sent out via email.  The email address used on your Farmigo account will be used.  If you want additional addresses to receive the newsletters, please write these in as well.  There is no additional charge.  Sometimes the newsletters get spammed.  If you think you have not received your newsletter, it is most likely in the Junk Mail Box.  Please add us to your contacts. 

What if I miss my pick up time?

Please understand the time and logistics we have put into share deliveries.   It is difficult for us to change our weekly routine and still have time to farm! If you have forgotten or are not able to pick up your share, it will be distributed to the Oregon Food Bank or the Gleaners of NE Portland and will not go to waste. 

What is Farmigo?

Farmigo is the program that we use to manage our CSA information.  It assists in signups, payments, drop off site management and as a portal for our members to access.  It enables our members to purchase addtional items to be delivered from our online store.  It has brought to the farm an easier way to manage and cut down on clerical mistakes for our CSA program and caring for your produce. 

When and How can I signup?

We are taking signups now!  Just follow the signup button below to get started!  We will take new members through the season.  You will be charged a pro-rated amount.

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