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What our members have to say...

Thanks so much! I went on and almost every recipe called for roasted beets. So I roasted ALL of them and will use them as needed. There was a beet green gratin that looked really good!

I used a lot less oil by putting some in the palm of my hand and then massaging each beet. My dogs ate the beet roots. They were super cute because they liked the inner part best and were using their front little teeth to get at it. They are Jack Russells. Some of my greens were wilty so I put them in a flower vase with water and they are perking right up!

I plan on planting my arugula, but I tasted it and OMG so good. I hope it grows faster than I can eat it!

This is so much fun! I am benefitting way more from the education and exposure to new things than I ever imagined!!!

Thanks so much!

Oh Vicki!
I almost shed a tear while I was reading your last letter. ThankYOU for farming and providing the communities with local, sustainably harvested produce. All of the fruits and veg taste so much better from you because they were grown with love. ... and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every week's harvest box.
... birthday is at the beginning of December, and I asked him what type of cake he wanted me to make. He said that he preferred pies, especially pumpkin, so thank you for the recipe!
I'm not one to decorate much, but it's delightful to have these cute little gourds to adorn our table. I'm waiting until ... gets home tonight so we can husk the ornamental corn together. (His job for meal preparation this summer/fall was to husk the corn before dinner.)
This has been so much fun and I love supporting you and your farm!

Hi Vicki,

I just want to let you know how much we've enjoyed our harvest share
this season (our first time).  A few years ago, I was a commited "junk
food junkie" but discovering all the natural food choices since I moved to Oregon changed all that. I enjoyed challenging myself to try almost everything you sent, and we had a lot of great new discoveries... from your rhubarb pie recipe the first week to the leek soup you wrote I "must" make last week.  We also love the weekly glimpse of farm life in your letters.

All summer I've hardly cracked a cookbook and barely shopped for
groceries.  It has been enough to keep enough pasta, cheese, and other non-perishable staples on hand to combine creatively with whatever comes on Tuesday! (An occasional theft from our neighbor's garden fills in the gaps.) In fact, we have eaten so cheaply and healthily this summer, that I wonder if it would be possible to partner with a local food bank or
similar organization and allow harvest share subscribers to contribute towards the cost of a harvest share for a family in need.  It is really a case of a little going a long way.

Hi Vicki,
Yes, pick up went smoothly for me. Thank you!

I have to tell you that my cat was watching as I showed my sister all
the goodies. When Jackson spotted those curled garlic buds, he was just
obsessed with them! He wouldn't leave us alone till we gave him one. He
was one happy cat batting it around, chewing on it and playing with it
till bed time. Then he "buried" under the door mat.

So we're calling him garlic-breath now :-)

Thanks for the delicious, and entertaining, produce!

The strawberries are gone :), we're making rhubarb pie tonight, pea pods went into lunches.   Obviously we're happy!
Thank you,


I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for your Open Farm Day on 
June 5th.  This is my first year of being a member of a CSA and after
  visiting your farm, meeting your family, taking the Hay Ride and
most  of all eating the wonderful strawberry sundae, I am sure I am a
  member of the very best CSA.  I am looking forward to getting our 
first Harvest Box, even with the Kohlrabi!

Thanks again for the Open Farm.

Thank you so much for the delightful bag of goodies that we received today. My husband and I ate the whole container of strawberries for dessert! I threw some calendula petals on top of our chicken; they matched the sweet potatoes we had so well!  Delightful. :) I can't wait to pick away at our little sputnik. Everything is so beautiful! We are going to make your rhubarb recipe soon - reminds me of growing up in Wisconsin!

Hi Vicki and Family, 

We just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in providing us with such wonderful local food this past season.  We loved it all.  I know it is a hard job to be a farmer, but also must be so rewarding.  It’s been a lot of fun reading each week’s newsletters too. 

I'm a 3rd year member and often have wanted to write to express my love for your farm and the opportunity to share in it and the wonderful vegetables that I receive each week. I am ruined for grocery store vegetables forever!
Right now I'm eating a salad I made with cherry tomato halves, raw sweet corn cut from the cob, fresh basil and fresh mozzarella. It is too good to put a dressing or even salt and pepper on. It is simply perfect just the way it is! Incredible!
I also couldn't let last week's monster eggplant go by without a comment: WOW! It was so big I had to take a photo of it next to a quarter for scale. Amazing. I made three full size recipes out of that beauty.
I could go on and on!
Thanks for everything you do. The CSA season is one of the highlights of my year.

I just wanted to say thanks for all the work you do on the farm.  Now in our second year of buying shares, we look forward every week to what we'll find in our bag.

I've attached a photo of one of our suppers this summer... beet and potato salad (with a dollop of olive-oil mayo), melon, and caprise salad using your tomatoes and basil and some purchased fresh mozarella.  Makes for a terrific light but YUMMY meal.

With 5 kids, it's a triumph every time they try a new vegetable and... gasp... like it.

Hi Vicki,

I wanted to share on that we absolutely love the weekly notes from the farm and the weekly goods in the harvest.  Not only am I trying new vegetables, I'm inspired to explore new recipes each week.  My friend ... and I share one harvest bag, and we wait to open it together each ... evening in anticipation of the goods inside the big green's just as good as opening a present!  Also, the recent bag of cherries were the best cherries we've had this season.

Good Morning,

This is my first year as a member, and the experience has far exceeded my expectations.  So I thank you and your family for that.

My 5 year old daughter is a lover of all vegetables and has been really enjoying the surprises that I bring home on Saturday mornings.  So far the purple carrots and the Kohlrabi have been "cream of the crop" in her eyes.  Today I thought I would treat her and take her along with me to receive our bag and say hello to Chris.  She was very excited.  Of course what was in our bag was not enough for her, she then picked out many other lovely veggies from your stand and could not wait to open the giant fava beans.  I let her taste one while shopping.  After a side trip to the Kettle corn and doughnut stand I told her she must wait to eat anything untill we got home.

With a hungry belly and kettle corn in the bag she begged the minute I got through the door to please hand her the food.  I reached in and handed off the bog of kettle corn, which she politely set on the counter.  Then I handed her the maple bar and grabbed a napkin.  She also politely set it on the counter.  I said, "Im not sure what you want".  Her face lit up and said "Momma please please give me those giant beans!"

Our family thanks you so much for all of the hard labor and love you put into our bags and bellies each week.

Just wanted to say thank you…We have two girls (3 & 6) and they loved the purple carrots…ate them on the way home…did not make it to the house.  And I have never seen them actually argue over who will get the last of the peas.  I just love it.  Thanks for helping my girls love fresh food.  Your produce is the best!